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Shanghai four grain fan co., LTD. Is engaged in air flow and the small and medium-sized fan design professional company to develop,Four grain fan's official website、Shanghai fan manufacturer、Shanghai cabinet fan manufacturer、Shanghai fire fan manufacturer、Shanghai axial flow fan manufacturers provide centrifugal fan、Shanghai jiuzhou fan、Shanghai four grain fan、Shanghai should be fan、Shanghai air conditioning fan、Shanghai fan price、Shanghai cabinet fan、Shanghai fire fan、Shanghai axial flow fan、Shanghai cabinet fan price、Shanghai fire fan price、Shanghai price of axial flow fan, etc。For a long time cooperation with Shanghai jiaotong university and other colleges and universities,Set up the production,To learn,Research of a research institute,Dedicated to science and technology development,USES the advancedCADSoftware technology design of new products,Aerodynamics and consult to the overseas advanced technology,Building energy conservation,Efficient,The first-class products of environmental protection。We always followISO9001Quality management system,Pursuit of creating optimal cost performance products as the basic policy。Companies adhering to the shells,The creation of an unyielding idea continuously forge ahead。Have been to“Committed to the human environment,To improve the quality of human life”For the purpose of the operation,In order to“Professional dedication 、The good faith 、Cooperation 、Innovation”For the enterprise spirit,In order to“Work seriously,Steadfast personhood”As the basic code of conduct,To ensure the high quality of the products。Emphasis on the user、Employees、Social form community of interests between the three,Put the interests of customers as the company's survival and development foundation。We will continue to cooperate with friends from all walks of life,Hand in hand,Create a better tomorrow!
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The name of the company: Shanghai four grain fan co., LTD
League Department People: Mr. Lin
A mobile phone: 18621652212
The phone:021-61299995
Fax :021-64199291
Address :Shanghai jiuting industrial park

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